What Is A Marketing Funnel?

You’ve probably seen a lot of business coaches say that they can help you achieve $20K, 40K, $80K months without using a funnel – which always makes me laugh.

The truth is that coach and you have both been using a funnel since your first sale – you just didn’t know it.

A marketing funnel is simply a way to move (funnel) your ideal client down the purchase path.

Most coaches and many private practice owners start out having an organic Instagram funnel where feed posts attract new clients, then conversations in the DMs nurture those clients, and a link to a sales page or even just PayPal is where the sale transaction takes place.

This type of organic funnel is amazing for the first year of business (or until you make $100K in business) because it allows you to experiment with messaging to learn what is most effective with your audience.

During this phase of business you should be interacting with your ideal client as much as possible during the sales process to collect feedback.

As your business matures and you reach six figures and beyond, you can start implementing a blended marketing strategy that includes ads (paid social) to attract new ideal clients faster.

The reason it usually makes sense to wait until you’ve hit your first six figure year before implementing advertising is that selling services/generating revenue is the best way to know you’ve nailed your messaging.

If you try to run ads before you’ve nailed your messaging you are at high-risk for wasting money on ads.

At this point you can also implement automated email sequences to help nurture leads so that you can spend less time in your DMs.

The reason you can now use automated emails is because you can anticipate the type of question you’ll be asked and have a response prepared to go out via email before the question is even asked!

So, in summary, a marketing funnel does not have to be overly complicated or scary or time consuming. It’s simply the process you have laid out for how you’ll help move your prospective client down the purchase path in the most efficient way possible!

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Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram @KayAllenCarr if you have any questions. If you want to learn how to setup a funnel for your business, check out my 1:1 coaching program. I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step and provide hands-on support!

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