Why You Should Test a Short Sales Email

In the business coaching world a lot of the big coaches send really wordy emails; sometimes it feels like I open a message and I’m being presented with a textbook chapter!

After years of experience managing email campaigns that have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue I can tell you one thing with certainty: this won’t work for every type of business.

Some people love long winded emails, and others will never read your message if it’s too long. I fall into that second category; I’ll never read an email if it looks like a page from a textbook (even if there is a cute gif hidden somewhere in the middle that’s meant to engage me).

If you have a low click-through rate on your emails, I highly encourage you to try a/b testing a short sales email.

The reason short emails can improve your sales is because you give a taste/teaser of what information is to come, and encourage the recipient to click to learn more.

One on your sales page you have so much more control over the layout of how information is presented. You can make it look nicer, easier to read, and most importantly someone can actually purchase (or schedule a discovery call) from your sales page.

Remember: no one can make a purchase from inside of an email. They must click-through to somewhere in order to take the next step, whether that’s purchasing, scheduling a discovery call, or simply sending a DM for more information.

I think one reason that people are afraid to write short sales emails is because they have low click-through rates, so they feel they need to put everything inside of the email.

But then the email looks so overwhelming (like a textbook chapter) that in and of itself is one reason people don’t read it or click-through and simply archive/delete the email.

I’m not saying this is 100% the case for you, but I am saying that you put time into creating a sales page for a reason. Let it do it’s job!

Do your best to get people to actually go to your sales page because it’s only once they get there that they can purchase and you can earn a sale.

No one will ever be able to buy from you from inside of the email itself.

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