Why You Should Link Newsletters to Your Blog

Sending a weekly newsletter email is a great way to stay in touch with your audience, showcase your expertise, and provide something of value to your recipients as you nurture them along the customer journey.

One of the biggest mistakes I see first-time entrepreneurs make is putting ALL of the valuable information inside of a newsletter email instead of linking a teaser back to a blog post on their website. 

Why is linking your newsletter email to a blog such a boss move?

1.Clients can’t purchase from you from inside of an email.

There is no checkout function inside of an email. You have to get someone to click to your website to buy from you.

Of course, just because someone clicks to your blog doesn’t mean they will navigate to your sales page and purchase, but at least the possibility is there.

If you give away all of your tips inside of an email with no link to learn more you close yourself off from that opportunity. 

This also gets your email recipients used to clicking on your emails and familiar with your site, so once you do send a sales email you’ll have a higher click-through rate (and conversion rate)!

2.Start segmenting your list based on what messaging resonates most with your recipients.

In the world of social media everyone talks about how “3 content pillars” – but this concept isn’t exclusive to social media.

You probably have around three specific types of messaging that you use frequently to attract and connect with your Ideal Client.

For me those three pillars are: social ads, email marketing, and analytics
I use those pillars to guide my social media marketing posts but also my emails, my website copy, and so on. 

Not every one of these pillars will resonate with my Ideal Client. Some are only interested in email marketing while others are interested in social ads. I have offers that can accommodate both. 

When someone clicks on an email to learn an email marketing tip or to learn about an email marketing offer, I tag them as having an interest in email marketing. I then know I should send them more messaging about email marketing to increase my chances of selling them an email marketing based offer.

Same thing for those recipients who click on email messaging related to ads – I know they are interested in learning more about social advertising and I can message to them specifically about that now without worrying about alienating them talking about something they aren’t concerned about.

If you’re a dietitian who works with women who have hormonal issues maybe your pillars are: learning intuitive eating, improving lab results, and reducing stress.

Create email messaging around these pillars, just like you do with your social posts, and then tag recipients based on what they click on so you can message them to more specifically; when you can address someone’s biggest pain point and present a tailor made solution you can convert them faster!

3.You miss out on SEO opportunity.

SEO (search engine optimization – how people find you organically using Google) can be super competitive in some niches.

It could be that SEO isn’t a big part of your marketing strategy because the competition is so high – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use blog posts to get a few more at-bats in search rankings.

Why not give yourself the opportunity? There is zero SEO value in leaving all your best information inside of the body of an email. 

Give it a Try Starting with Your Next Email 

This is an easy marketing tip that you can try starting with your next newsletter -as long as you have a blog. If you don’t have a blog consider adding one. 

If you’re already writing tip-based newsletters, you might as well just add that copy to your blog and get all of the long-term benefits mentioned here in doing so!

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