Fractional CMO Service for Impact Driven Brands 

A highly customized marketing service for the CEOs of 7-figure+ brands. 

When you select this package you are adding a senior-level marketing leader to your team to help take weight off your shoulders. 

You give yourself back the time and space to think creatively about your offers, have more fun in your business, and even spend less time on your phone/computer because you know your sales & marketing team will run smoothly without you needing to get into the weeds daily.

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  • You’ve been providing the marketing direction for your business but you know it’s not your zone of genius; you’re ready to hire a CMO to help you unlock the next level of success faster and easier 

  • You’re starting to feel overwhelmed by having to make all the daily decisions related to sales and marketing of your business; you want to get back to the time when you were having fun every day 

  • You’re the face of your brand and you love to create connections with your audience, but you don’t have the time to show up as much as you’d like because you get lost in the weeds on a daily basis (where does the time go?!)

This Offer is a Great Fit for You If:

“Kay is taking the load off of me with communication and delegation to the appropriate team members. I always feel like I’m the middle man or glue holding everything together. I would love for that to continue to even get stronger so I can focus on more social media video content, coaching and other ceo jobs! I get to think less and just do. "

"The organization and planning of the marketing calendar is going to be a game changer. I also feel like the decisions and recommendations from Kay are backed my actual numbers and analytics not just random trial and error.”

7-Figure Business Coach 

Common deliverables include: 
  • Marketing and branding strategy 
  • Leading marketing efforts and mentoring the team
  • Developing strategic ideas for social media posts, emails, and other marketing materials 
  • Starting and growing new, profitable marketing channels (email, pinterest, blog, podcast, ads, etc)
  • Supporting the CEO with new offer development 
  • Refining existing offers to be more profitable
  • Creating strong client retention strategies
  • Improving launch strategy 
  • Creating monthly marketing reports and making sure the team is consistently on track to meet quarterly and annual goals 

Here’s What’s Included in This Offer

This is a highly customized container, so we’ll kickoff with a meeting to discuss your short and long-term goals, where your business is currently at, the strengths of your team members, and your strengths as the leader of the team 

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Then we’ll determine brand and marketing deliverables that meet your specific needs for the continued growth and longevity of your business 

Dr. AB, 7-Figure Private Practice

“I can’t emphasize enough the transparency of the monthly meetings and how Kay breaks down the strategy of not only what took place the month prior but what we’re going to be doing heading forward. She has been extremely helpful in growing my practice.”

JC, 7-Figure Ecommerce Store Owner 

“Kay has worked with me on revamping my website, putting together a great marketing strategy from email to Facebook Ads to Instagram Ads – almost everything in regards to my marketing is handled by Kay. I feel very well taken care of.”

When you add me as your CMO you’ll gain the freedom to pause, take a deep breath, and see your business from a 30,000 foot view. This is where you belong as the CEO and visionary. 

Your role is to create offers that make an impact, show up as the face of your brand, and also bask in the rewards of being the owner of a super successful business. 

Step into the next level

You have accomplished what most people cannot fathom. You have overcome the mindset and business hurdles to build a wildly successful business. 

Now you get to step into the next level version of yourself as a CEO. When you bring me onto your team as CMO I will help take the weight of the world off your shoulders. You will have the freedom to step fully into your zone of genius, and you’ll do this confidently knowing I am working on your behalf in my zone of genius. 

Above all else

The Investment

This offer is available to select CEOs starting at $3000 per month with a
6-month commitment or $2700 per month with a 12-month commitment.  

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