Done for You Marketing Strategy + Execution

A comprehensive Done for You (DFY) marketing package that will add firepower to your campaigns and launches. 

When you select this package you are adding a senior-level marketer to your team who will elevate your campaigns using principles of consumer psychology. 

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  • You’ve had back-to-back six figure+ years flying by the seat of your pants, and you’re ready to see what your results look like when you follow a proven marketing strategy. 

  • You've had the same offer for a while, and you want to try something new like launching a digital course, membership or new coaching offer

  • Most of your sales probably come from social media but you wish your email marketing also brought in sales

  • You and your VA have been pretty good about sending out emails; your open rates are good, your click-through rates are okay, but you have no idea if you’re getting any sales from them 

  • You might have Google Analytics installed on your website but you have no idea how to use the data in there to make marketing decisions (you didn’t even know you were supposed to) 

  • Your launches are streamlined but they lack strategically timed marketing tactics that create the level of urgency needed to get more of your audience to buy

  • Alternatively your launches are not streamlined and they feel chaotic and stressful… or they constantly get put on the backburner 

This Offer is a Great Fit for You If:

"I really feel like Kay goes above and beyond my expectations. She's always thinking ahead, evaluating analytics to make the smartest marketing decisions, and there for me to bounce ideas off of when I need. She is a valuable asset to my team!"

M.M., Registered Dietitian

Brand messaging refinement to stand out in your niche 

Here’s What’s Included in This Offer

Launch marketing strategy & calendar management (for perfectly timed marketing tactics that increase urgency throughout your launch) 

Marketing data analysis and recommendations for continued improvement 

 Persuasive email marketing strategy to boost sales (includes copywriting, calendar management, list growth, smart segmentation, layout optimization, and funnel strategy for email sequences)

Persuasive sales page copy based in principles of consumer psychology 

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“Kay is SO easy to work with and so prompt to help! She always has great energy and is truly so supportive and helpful. She helped me launch two back to back successful (new!) online courses with $40k in revenue. I couldn't have done it without her!”

B.C., Registered Dietitian

When you’re working with a senior level marketer you gain the confidence in knowing you’re following a proven strategy to boost your sales. 

Sure, you can keep flying by the seat of your pants. It’s helped you build a successful business this far. However, you’ll eventually hit a ceiling when it comes to growth when you’re not following a scalable marketing strategy. 

You earned this 

You have earned the privilege of hiring someone to help you go from marketing DIY to ROI. Not everyone builds up their business to a level where they can hire a senior level marketer but you have; take advantage of this opportunity you’ve unlocked for yourself. 

Above all else

The Investment

This offer is available for $1,750 per month with a 6-month commitment. 

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