How to Stop Competitors From Stealing Your Best Copy

Not long after I launched the website for my business a bigger name in the coaching space followed me on Instagram then unfollowed the same day. About a month later she debuted a new version of her own website and had “borrowed” some of my website copy word-for-word.

I know I’m not the only person who has experienced this.

A friend and fellow coach had someone copy not just an Instagram caption she wrote but also the entire graphic she created.

Other coaches have told me that they’ve had email copy, program descriptions, and blog posts swiped without permission.

This made me think about what we need to do to fix this problem, and the answer came to me quickly: we need better competitive advantage messaging.

If our competitors can swipe our copy word-for-word then our copy is too generic.

What type of messaging can’t be stolen?

  • Testimonials
  • Success stories
  • Career background
  • Personality

Our individual stories and successes make us uniquely qualified to help our ideal clients.

The methods we use to help our clients get results may not be unique.

Maybe you’re a dietitian who helps clients learn how to stop binge eating by embracing the principles of intuitive eating, or maybe you’re a marketer that teaches Instagram growth strategy, or perhaps you’re a plastic surgeon helping to restore the hairline for your clients.

Those program or service descriptions don’t make you unique, they just help you describe your business niche. They also describe the basis of what your competitors do, too. That’s why “I help” statements and basic program descriptions are easily swiped and still make sense for the person who “borrowed” the words you wrote.

The good news is, while competitors can easily steal our “I help” statements and basic program descriptions, they can’t steal the most powerful messaging strategy we have: the things that make us uniquely qualified to help our ideal clients.

For example, there are plenty of marketing coaches who can say they’re able to help you improve your email results.

I hold seven professional marketing certifications (that I sat the exams for) and I have 12 years of experience. I haven’t seen any other marketing coaches in this space be able to say that. To my ideal client, someone who knows the value of passing continuous education exams, this resonates.

Not just that, but a core pillar of my business is to provide white glove support.

One of my clients said, “Your support is truly unmatched, you can really feel the difference when a coach actually cares about your results and it’s so relieving.” This helps to set me apart from other coaches.

Then, on top of that, I connect with a lot of my clients on our lives as ultra dedicated pet parents –especially those who have rescued their pets since I am a volunteer for a pet rescue. That’s my personality kicking in to help me connect with my ideal client.

So, yes, unfortunately other coaches can steal our high-level messaging but they can never steal the supporting messaging that sets us apart.

That’s why it’s SO important for us to not just put forward clear messaging about what’s included in our programs, but to also share about ourselves, our career backgrounds, our personalities, and all the things that make us uniquely qualified to help our ideal clients!

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